Alessandro Squarzi, Creative Director, Fortela

Interview, 31 March 2021

Meet the entrepreneur, designer and street photographer’s favourite, who Esquire UK dubbed the world’s best dressed man – twice.

Starting out as a shop assistant back in 1992, he managed to turn his true passion into an illustrious career over the ensuing decades.

As a sought-after consultant for up-and-coming brands and the founder and CEO of Fortela, his own clothing brand out of Milan, Alessandro Squarzi enjoys his work as much as he does spending time with friends and family. Appreciating the gift of life on multiple levels.

The 55-year-old has also made a name for himself as an ardent collector of vintage garments, time pieces and motorcycles, with over 6000 coveted pieces in his possession.
His broad social media following worships his daily outfit posts, as well as his air of effortless style, attention to detail – and joy of being alive.

We wanted to know more about his business ventures, passion for collecting and his conviction that Italians are unmatched when it comes to looking fabulous.

You have come a long way since your start as a shop assistant in 1992; 
to what do you attribute your success in the fashion industry?

– I owe it to my great passion and love for this job. A job I’ve always wanted to be my professional path. The results have come as a consequence of my efforts over time – and the attitude towards my work.

As an investor and entrepreneur, you’ve helped many brands succeed by lifting them out of obscurity and enabling them to reach their full potential. 
What do you look for in brands who you believe can take the next step?

– I try to figure out what their identity is like. Who runs the company and what the story behind the brand looks like. The potential going forward is also a key factor when deciding who to work with. 

“Every morning I wake up and every evening before I go to sleep, I give thanks to everything I have managed to achieve in life.”

Industry people seem to unanimously agree that you are one the best dressed men on the planet. What’s your secret to looking smart?

– I would say that the secret to looking smart is to show off your true DNA.

Why are Italian men the most stylish on earth?

– Because Italy is the most stylish and beautiful country on earth.

You are famous for your vast collection of garments, time pieces, cars and motorcycles. 
Which possession will you never part ways with?

– There are two possessions which I consider unsellable: the watch I bought for celebrating my daughter’s birth, a Patek Philippe ref. 3970 and my father’s vicuña coat.

If we can get a glimpse into your talent for spotting up-and-coming fashion brands; are there any ones in particular we should be looking out for in 2021?

– You should keep an eye on Fortela, I’ll try to surprise you all again and again.

You love what you do and seem to always make time for your family and enjoying life. Would you call yourself a happy man?

– Yes, absolutely. Every morning I wake up and every evening before I go to sleep, I give thanks to every single thing I have managed to achieve in life.